Where Are The U.S. Wind Projects Located?

Where Are The U.S. Wind Projects Located?

Wind is a clean source of renewable energy.  It doesn’t create water or air pollution and can be used to power homes, businesses, schools and even applications such as grinding grain.

There are approximately 1,000 wind projects across the U.S. in most of the 50 states with more land and water turbines planned.

Wondering where to find wind projects in each state? The Wind Project Map from Wind Power Engineering allows you to click on a U.S. state and scroll down the page for a list of projects, the megawatt listing, who manufactured the turbine, who is purchasing the power and more.

BGB Technology supports the wind energy by providing custom slip rings for wind turbines.  Applications include slip rings supplied for hub and pitch control, high power generator applications, Yaw applications and lightening suppression and shaft grounding.

Read more about BGB Technology or contact us for more information about our capabilities for slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ), brush holders and more.

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