BGB Technology Is Growing

BGB Technology Is Growing

BGB Technologies Inc., located in Colonial Heights, VA is growing! After establishing a U.S. base for their manufacturing of slip rings, slip ring assemblies, and fiber optic rotary joints five years ago, the company has experienced a growing demand for its products and capabilities. This increased demand has been met with an expansion of manufacturing space and capabilities resulting in a need to expand its workforce and talent.

Ian Hemstock, the CEO of BGB Technologies states that, “due to our growing brand recognition and product reputation for quality and being cost effective in meeting our customer’s requirements, we find the need to expand our manufacturing operations and personnel. We are actively in search of team members who have experience in CNC machining, electro-mechanical assembly, fiber optics and precision assembly, quality engineering, amongst others.”

BGB Technology, Inc. occupies a 60,000 sq. foot facility in Colonial Heights, VA and is responsible for the supply of its products into North, Central, and South America serving markets including: Wind turbines, crane and construction, packaging, medical, and others requiring the transfer of electrical power and data across rotating components. Founded in Grantham, UK, and family owned, BGB has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of slip rings, slip ring assemblies, brush holders, fiber optic rotary joints, as well as lighting products for aquaculture, nuclear facilities and architectural applications.

For more information on BGB Technology and it products and career opportunities, visit the company website: or our careers page.

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