BGB Technology Now Hiring CNC Machinists

BGB Technology Now Hiring CNC Machinists


BGB Technology based in Chesterfield, VA is now hiring a CNC Machinist / Operator / Setter / Programmer.
Due to continuing high demand along with new customer opportunities means BGB Technology needs to grow our workforce and capabilities and are looking for candidates to join our team.

The main role is to operate and set CNC Turning Lathes and experience of Mazak Lathes is an advantage.  A proven CNC turning and manufacturing background is essential, and required for continuous manufacture of low to medium volume production parts. Some Haas knowledge would be beneficial, but not critical.

Hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday – Thursday and 8:00am – 3:30 pm Friday,  totaling a 39 hour week.

Overtime available when needed by the Company, currently expected to continue through to July.

The right person:

  • Has a can do attitude
  • Strong customer service ethic, with a view to delivering quality products on time and in full
  • Behaviors and personal values will be aligned with our drive for; Accountability, Continuous Improvement, Commitment, Reliability, Trustworthiness and Pride

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Operating and setting CNC lathes; Mazak & Haas semi automatic
  • Small amounts of manual turning to manufacture production parts, prototypes, samples, in house tooling, work holding and fixtures
  • High importance is the ability for safe, high quality and efficient working practices. Working to established and proven procedures to ensure product conformance

Education and Experience:

  • Applicants must have proven training, knowledge and capability in CNC turning, minimum 3 years previous experience, possess good math skills and ability to read metric technical prints.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Capable of running Mazak & Haas
  • Programming experience preferred, not essential
  • Candidate must have relevant turning experience, and a willingness to continue learning and share
  • Knowledge understanding of metric measurement system an advantage

This is an hourly paid position, on a bi-weekly pay cycle by direct deposit.

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