Does My Project Need A Slip Ring?

Does My Project Need A Slip Ring?

Platter Style Slip RingsIf you have a piece of equipment that rotates and also requires electrical power or signals to transfer between the rotary and stationary components of the assembly, a slip ring is the solution.

BGB Technology can provide, or custom design, a slip ring for almost any application including medical lights, wind turbines, FORJ, pallet wrappers and many more.

How Does A Slip Ring Work?

A slip ring transfers electricity via sliding contacts from a stationary to a rotary side of an electro-mechanical assembly.

Rings are generally produced in copper alloy, and the brush contacts are commonly copper or silver graphite.

Generally one ring is required for each conductor in the supply cables used in the application. Additional rings may be incorporated if necessary.  Slip rings are generally only limited by the space restrictions of the application and are highly customizable.

If your project needs a slip ring contact BGB Technology to discuss your specifications.  Our US based sales force is available to help Monday – Friday and return your questions or calls within 1 business day.


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