BGB Technology at ConExpo Las Vegas 2017

BGB Technology at ConExpo Las Vegas 2017

CECA-2017-Logo-185ConExpo only happens every three years and is the place for see the latest in new construction technology, innovative products, equipment and services from the best in the industry. 

This year’s event takes place Tuesday, March 7 through Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

ConExpo is recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive event for construction and construction materials industries.  It includes hundreds of industry meetings, educational opportunities and many annual industry associations are held in conjunction with the show.

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The Tech Experience features everything from solar-powered roadways, the first-ever 3D printed excavator, drones, robotics, intelligence advancement and much more.  

BGB Technology will be on hand at booth B93616 to demonstrate and answer questions about our innovative construction and crane industry products including:

bgb technology conexpo

Map of the Bronze Hall and BGB Technology booth.

Stop by our booth in the Bronze Hall or get in touch ahead of time to arrange a personal meeting. 




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