BGB At AWEA Windpower Conference May 22-25, 2017

BGB At AWEA Windpower Conference May 22-25, 2017

slip rings for wind industry

BGB in Booth 3704

BGB Technology is invested in the wind industry providing a variety of slip rings to power wind turbines and excited to join the 2017 AWEA WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition in booth 3704.

This cutting edge event, held in Anaheim, CA May 22-25th is the largest annual wind energy conference in North America.

Features top-tier speakers, world-class education, cutting edge technology, and premium networking this is the place to learn more about the latest innovations in wind, meet with over 7,000 industry professionals and hear from over 100 expert speakers.

See the full conference schedule here.  or get in touch with a BGB slip ring expert to learn more about our Hub/Pitch Control, Yaw, high power generator slip rings or lightening suppression and shaft grounding systems. 

slip rings for wind turbines


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