How Wind Power Helps The US Economy

How Wind Power Helps The US Economy

Wind turbines, formerly called windmills, work by converting energy from wind into mechanical power.

This energy can be used to power homes, schools, office buildings and more or used to complete a task such as pumping water from a well. It can fully power, or supplement, conventional forms of energy. 

And the wind industry supports the US economy by providing more jobs, investments, construction and conservation of our natural resources.

slip rings for wind turbines

BGB in the Wind Industry

BGB was among the first to design and manufacture slip ring for a variety of  wind turbines including slip ring for hub control systems.  We are always innovating and improving our slip ring products to suit customers in the wind, and other industries such as construction/crane, medical and more.

With over 30 years in the slip ring and brush holder market, BGB Technology is the leader in the wind turbine slip ring technology and stay at the forefront of innovations in the wind sector providing innovative slip rings and brush holders designed to work efficiently.

We currently supply products to major players in the wind industry including: Vestas, Siemens, Gamesa, Suzlon, ABB and more.  BGB also provides smaller units (3 way slip rings and brush-gear) to small turbine manufacturer.

Read more about BGB in the Wind Industry or learn more about our capabilities for slip rings.

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