BGB Is Hiring A Wind O&M Sales Representative

BGB Is Hiring A Wind O&M Sales Representative

BGB Technology is a global manufacturer of products sold into the wind turbine market. Those products include: generator slip rings and brush assemblies, pitch and hub control slip rings, shaft grounding and lightning suppression systems, and fiber optic rotary joints. With an ever-growing wind O&M market, BGB Technology is interested in developing significant sales growth within this market.

Job responsibilities:
The person in this position will be responsible for identifying and progressing sales opportunities for the company’s products within the wind North American O&M market while meeting or exceeding the identified sales objectives. Potential customers within this market would include: wind farm owners and operators, independent service providers (ISP’s), and distributors.

This person will be responsible to sell within all levels of the customer’s organization and participate in applicable trade shows and exhibitions.

Experience and background required:
The successful candidate will have the following experience and background:

  • 2-5 years of successful technical sales experience selling into this market.
  • Strong technical aptitude and capability of developing relationships with customer interfaces from the field technician to the corporate operations, engineering, and purchasing staff.
  • Strong understanding of the technical requirements of wind turbine generators and the related applications.

Educational requirements:

  • B.A. or B.S. in a technical and/or engineering discipline
  • A.A. or A.S. degree in an engineering and/or technical discipline may be considered dependent upon relevant experience.

Other requirements:

  • Ability to travel nationally as required, with minimal international travel possible
  • Must demonstrate successful track record of selling into this market with technical mechanical products.
  • Ethical, results oriented, and self-motivated
  • Preferred candidate would be located within the Midwest, Southwest or, within our U.S. facility in Colonial Heights, VA.
  • Currently trained and certified to climb towers, or willing to obtain this certification.

BGB Technology is an equal opportunity employer and offers a full range of benefits inclusive of: medical, dental, vision care and 401K with company matching. If you background and experience closely matches our requirements please submit your resume, along with compensation requirements to: Only candidates with the stated and relevant background and experience will be considered.

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