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The team at BGB Technology believes in its mission statement above, but to realize this we need the right people who can achieve this goal effectively and efficiently.

We are currently hiring a Wind O&M Representative.  Click to read the full job description and qualifications

While we don’t have other positions available if you think you are the right person to join our team and help us succeed email us at

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How Much Do Slip Rings Used in Wind Turbines Typically Cost?

A wind turbine converts kinetic energy into electrical energy by using the wind to turn a set of rotor blades around a central axis. This design requires a slip ring, which transmits an electrical current from a stationary to a rotating structure. The slip rings used in wind turbines are typically customized for each turbine, so a slip ring’s cost … Read More...

Custom Slip Rings For the Wind Industry

Wind turbines, formerly called windmills, work by converting energy from wind into mechanical power. This energy can be used to power homes, schools, office buildings and more or used to complete a task such as pumping water from a well. It can fully power or supplement, conventional forms of energy. Benefits Include: Wind is a clean, … Read More...

How Much Do Slip Rings Typically Cost?

Nearly every industry uses slip rings, and many companies within those industries do as well. Slip rings are integral pieces of equipment without which much of our heavy machinery and mechanical and electronic devices wouldn’t work. A slip ring is an electro-mechanical device or piece of equipment that works within machinery and transfers power … Read More...

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