These pancake slip ring units (also called flat slip ring or platter slip ring) are used when space is of a premium and a standard barrel style slip ring can not be used.

This particular slip ring is used for packaging machines but it can be modified to fit a number of applications.

Applications include:

  • Robotics
  • Automatic rotating doors
  • Turntables
  • Assembly and packaging machines

These slip rings can be supplied with mating brush platters and can also be supplied as PCB assembly separates and as enclosed assemblies.

custom slip rings

Product Description

Face Type Series Slip Ring Assemblies:
This range of slip rings has been designed primarily for the transmission of signals, but has now been
developed to also accommodate power transmission.

Fine brass rings are used for signals and can be plated with silver, gold or rhodium where low contact
resistance and low noise levels are required.

The best results are obtained when these precious metal surfaces are used in conjunction with silver -graphite brushes. These units are suitable for slow speed only with fitted with brass rings. 

For power transmission larger section brass rings can be fitted for slow and medium speeds and phosphor
-bronze rings for high speeds. 

Mixtures of signals and power rings can be accommodated in this very adaptable range, and the appropriate cartridge carbon brush  holders can be supplied, either loose for separate mounting
or fitted into molded carriers.

BGB Technology can develop slip rings based on your specific dimensions. including number of tracks, voltage of circuit through track, load to be carried by track and speed of operation.

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