BGB has a long history and experience in the design and manufacture of molded high power slip rings.  These products are designed to handle high electrical currents and high rotating speeds.

Product Description

Products can be supplied with a rating to 2.5KAmps, 22.0KV & to ISO & Ansi Standards. These products can be supplied solely or as part of a packaged solution including brushes, brush holders and frames.

Molded Slip Rings Assemblies 1-3 ways are designed as a range of robust high speed molded slip ring assemblies
that also lend themselves to a multitude of slower and medium speed applications.
Ring material is standard as phosphor-bronze grade PB1to BS 1400, but some units use copper. The insulation medium is thermoset glass-reinforced DMC based on unsaturated polyester resin (Grades 43-2036/597 and 43-2036/623).
Applications include: Alternators, Slip Ring Motors, Frequency Changers, Cable Reeling Drums, Cable Bunching Machines, Rotary Display Lighting, Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Wind Generators, Packaging Machines, Rotary
Welding Machines, Leisure Rides and Power and Signal Transfer Packages.

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