BGB provides slip ring and brush holder solutions for varying current and voltage applications.

Products can be supplied with a rating to 2.5KAmps, 22.0KV & to ISO & Ansi Standards. These products can be supplied solely or as part of a packaged solution.

Product Description

Our unrivaled experience in this field is built into each development project:

  • High and Low Speed
  • AC & DC Systems
  • I.P. Dust / Waterproof Enclosures Available
  • Extensive Carbon Brush Grades
  • Hand built / Moulded to bespoke designs
  • Wear Detection Devices
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fully Balanced – Dynamic / Static
  • Designed to Suit Customer Requirements
  • Flash & Hi-Pot Testing Facilities to 15kv
  • Precious & Semi-Precious Plating Available for Wear Resistance
  • Range of OD’s (Outer Diameter) Available
  • Common Outer Diameter Ø220mm, Ø230mm & Ø260mm

Download a High Voltage Power Slip Rings Spec Sheet

pricing for high voltage slip rings

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