BGB Technology provides custom and modular slip rings and hydraulic rotary joints for cranes and construction equipment applications.

BGB cranesWe can can create custom slip ring assemblies and products including:


Our production facility is located on the East Coast making it easy to ship throughout the US and beyond and our US based sales and customer service team can answer your questions quickly.

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What is a Slip Ring?

A slip ring is  It ensures the current from a stationary wire keeps contact with the wire that needs to turn or rotate.

A metal rings used when a machine or device needs to supply power, or a signal, but also rotate at the same time. It provides a continuous electrical connection through brushes on stationary contacts.  Brushes are an integral part of any slip ring design.  The brushes, which often look like the end of a paintbrush, are metal conductors that drag on the outside of a metal ring. As the device rotates, the brushes conduct the electrical current, or signal. Without the brushes, the slip ring can’t conduct the electricity or current needed to function.

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