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custom slip rings wind industryWind Turbines

BGB is a leader in providing custom slip rings for Wind Turbines. Applications include:

Hub / Pitch control:

BGB slip rings supplied for hub and pitch control applications.  Capabilities:

  • Power transfer (high and medium)
  • Power and signal transfer
  • Power transfer with high data rate transfer utilizing a fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ)

slip rings for wind turbinesHigh power generator:

BGB slip rings supplied for high power generator applications.

Yaw slip ring:

BGB Slip rings supplied for Yaw applications.

Lightening suppression and shaft grounding:

BGB lightening suppression and shaft grounding systems.
BGB’s long relationship with the major manufacturers of turbines globally for the wind industry insures a design approach that will produce products requiring minimal maintenance and long life in the field.

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