Refurbish, Repair or Replacement

Refurbish, Repair or Replacement

BGB can refurbish, repair or replace all types of slip rings in any industry.  As part of the refurbishment process, BGB can perform the following tasks:


Electrically test unit for any faults, including flash test @ 13kV and load test to check for any build-up of resistance in the slip ring. Test reports are provided with all units.

Fully clean to remove excess carbon dust build up.

Machine rings back to correct surface finish and address any concentricity issues (scrolls are also cleaned during this process).

Re-apply anti tracking varnish to maintain correct electrical ratings.

Re-balance slip rings

Strip, clean and rebuild

  Rapid turnaround

BGB will provide the refurbished slip ring to a similar "as new" condition.  If the slip ring is physically damaged in any way, shape or form we can also address this issue.


BGB can provide brand new slip rings if your unit is beyond repair. For prices to be offered BGBs manufacturing team will have to evaluate your slip ring to ascertain the amount of work required, prices can then be offered once the evaluation process is complete. We can also address your brush gear if it is damaged or functioning incorrectly, BGB are able to offer replacement brushes or other parts used in repairs such as micro switch systems.


BGB can also offer a retro-fit alternative system if your current unit is beyond repair and also produce units in Phosphor Bronze (PB1) or Stainless steel depending on requirement.

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