What is Aquaculture and How Does it Help?

What is Aquaculture and How Does it Help?

Aquaculture most often refers to fish farming, but may also refer to plants. It is used to produce a variety of seafood in fresh or ocean waters, but can also enhance a population that might be endangered or assist in restoring a damaged ecosystem.

It plays a vital role in meeting the demand for seafood while ensuring the earth’s oceans, rivers and lakes are not over-fished which can result in depletion, or even extinction of certain species.

How Does Aquaculture Work?


BGB provides products for the Aquaculture industry.

Using specially made systems such as ponds, tanks or cages, fish are kept safe from predators and maintained in carefully monitored conditions including the right amount of light and food.

There two types of aquaculture, marine and freshwater. Marine aquaculture produces fish native to oceans including shrimp, salmon, oysters, clams and more. Fish can be harvested in the ocean using equipment such as special cages or submersible columns.   Marine aquaculture can also take place on land in specially made systems like ponds or tanks filled with recirculating water.

Freshwater aquaculture produces fish native to lakes, rivers or streams including trout, tilapia, bass and more. These types of systems are usually found in ponds or other manmade systems.

This video from Noaa.gov shows how aquaculture in action.

As the demand for seafood continues to grow, so does the aquaculture industry.

According to the Noaa “Aquaculture has maintained an annual growth rate of 8.3 percent worldwide, making in the fastest growing form of food production in the world. In the United States sales of domestic marine aquaculture have grown on average 13 percent per year from 2007-2011 led by increases in oyster and salmon production. Global aquaculture production is dominated by Asia (89%), while China alone accounts for 62 percent. “

BGB in the Aquaculture Industry

BGB Technology has a full line of unique products to service the aquaculture industry including submersible lamps, both metal halide and LED, photometers and feed response cameras.  These products are currently being applied globally to economically enhance the productivity of aquaculture operations.

Contact us for more information about BGB, or our line of products for aquaculture and other industries including wind, wastewater, medical and more.


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