Slip Ring Maintenance

The maintenance requirements of slip rings are highly dependent upon application, especially the frequency of rotations and physical environment. For example, a crane only needs to turn occasionally, even when it’s in operation. The entire crane may therefore reach the end of its service life before slip rings require their much scheduled maintenance. Slip rings… [Read More]

BGB At AWEA Windpower Conference May 22-25, 2017

BGB Technology is invested in the wind industry providing a variety of slip rings to power wind turbines and excited to join the 2017 AWEA WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition in booth 3704. This cutting edge event, held in Anaheim, CA May 22-25th is the largest annual wind energy conference in North America. Features top-tier speakers,… [Read More]

BGB Technology at ConExpo Las Vegas 2017

ConExpo only happens every three years and is the place for see the latest in new construction technology, innovative products, equipment and services from the best in the industry.  This year’s event takes place Tuesday, March 7 through Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ConExpo is recognized worldwide as the most… [Read More]

BGB Technology Is Growing

BGB Technologies Inc., located in Colonial Heights, VA is growing! After establishing a U.S. base for their manufacturing of slip rings, slip ring assemblies, and fiber optic rotary joints five years ago, the company has experienced a growing demand for its products and capabilities. This increased demand has been met with an expansion of manufacturing… [Read More]

BGB Technology Now Hiring CNC Machinists

BGB Technology based in Chesterfield, VA is now hiring a CNC Machinist / Operator / Setter / Programmer. Due to continuing high demand along with new customer opportunities means BGB Technology needs to grow our workforce and capabilities and are looking for candidates to join our team. The main role is to operate and set… [Read More]

Slip Rings Help Power CCTV Cameras

In today’s environment, where both personal and facility security is a priority, security systems including CCTV, or PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, continues to grow substantially.  The use of these types of cameras has become common everywhere from factory and manufacturing facilities to schools and residential homes. How Do CCTV Cameras Work? Each of these camera systems… [Read More]

Where Are The U.S. Wind Projects Located?

Wind is a clean source of renewable energy.  It doesn’t create water or air pollution and can be used to power homes, businesses, schools and even applications such as grinding grain. There are approximately 1,000 wind projects across the U.S. in most of the 50 states with more land and water turbines planned. Wondering where… [Read More]

BGB Partners With CEBES a.s.

BGB Technology, Inc. is pleased to have been appointed as an exclusive sales agent with CEBES a.s. CEBES a.s. is a major designer and manufacturer of molded slip rings used within wind turbine generators supplying to most of the major global wind turbine manufacturers. In addition, CEBES a.s. also manufactures and supplies commutators for electric… [Read More]

Latest BGB News

Remembering David Trevor Holt

It is with a heavy heart to confirm the sad loss of our Chairman, David Trevor Holt.  For the majority of the Company’s history, David had driven it’s growth as the only serving founder member, and had latterly begun to step back from the Business.  He was on the road to recovery following a recent hip operation but unexpectedly passed … Read More...

Four Common Problems With Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

A slip ring is an electromechanical device that transmits electrical current between a stationary and rotating structure. A Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) is the contactless optical equivalent of a slip ring, since it transmits an uninterrupted optical signal as it rotates. FORJs are widely used in many applications, including remotely operated … Read More...

Slip Rings In Amusement Park Rides

Summer is when people head out to their favorite amusement park to enjoy everything from the classic carousel to the biggest roller coasters. Many of the best rides incorporate an impressive light display while spinning and turning at the same time. But you don’t see electrical outlets or wires hanging off the sides of the ride – so what makes … Read More...

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