Slip Rings with Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ)

Slip Rings with Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ)

BGB can supply combination power and data slip rings combined with a fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ) when high data rate transfer is necessary. These custom designed products include the reliable and cost effective BGB metal graphite brush systems combined with the BGB Optilink fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ).

As well as stand alone media converters and WDMs, BGB can build all Optilinc products into bespoke slip ring solutions incorporating connections to suit each individual requirement.

Data transfer would not be susceptible to electromagnet interference from high frequencies. Slip ring assemblies with Optilinc for data would also not be susceptible through data loss due to low resistance contact on an in-frequently used low power data ring.


Some benefits of this technology combination include:

  • Minimal wired connections
  • All encased in an IP rated enclosure
  • Easily serviced
  • Complete packaged solution
  • Adaptable to all environmental conditions
  • Tried and tested in the wind industry
  • Immune to all forms of electrical interference (Optilinc FORJ)
  • Minimal torque
  • Future proof – if bandwidth needs increasing in future, electronic components can be changed easily

Applications include:

  • Hoists and winches
  • ROV’s
  • Packaging machinery
  • Assembly machinery
  • Wind turbine pitch control

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