Standard and Custom Design Barrel Type Slip Ring Module

Standard and Custom Design Barrel Type Slip Ring Module

Designed as a range of robust high speed molded slip ring assemblies that also lend themselves to a multitude of slower and medium speed applications. Ring material is standard as phosphor-bronze grade PB1 to BS 1400, but some units use copper or cupro-nickel. Standard barrel type slip rings are available up to 11 ways. Diameters range from 24 to 291mm. The insulation medium is thermoset glass-reinforced DMC based on unsaturated polyester resin (Grades 43-2036/597 and 43-2036/623).

Applications include:

Alternators, Slip Ring Motors, Frequency Changers, Cable Reeling Drums, Cable Bunching Machines, Rotary Display Lighting, Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Wind Generators, Packaging Machines, Rotary Welding Machines, heated rollers, Amusement Rides and Power and Signal Transfer Packages.




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